O Gauge
The layout has been re-constructed. Further refurbishment to the scenic elements has  been started and cassette fiddle yards are in the final stage of construction.
A minimum space exhibition layout donated to the club, refurbished and extended by club members.
OO Gauge
A 00 layout used for club night running and exhibition .
N Gauge
A new layout is under early stages of construction .
The track has been laid and wiring has commenced.

Club Layouts

A new 00 layout under construction using code 75 track.
The layout is basically complete, work on the scenic part is progressing.
The layout has recently undergone a name change to reflect how it has evolved over the past few years
Test Track
Approximately 30’ x 15’ two road running track with four road fiddle yard used once a month for a “running” night.
A new 00 exhibition layout under construction using C + L finescale code 75 track.
The basic track plan has been laid. Some electrical control work has been done together with some items of infrastructure.