London Road (Box)

00 scale 4mm to the foot

A simple “double track circuit with sidings in the middle” with basic village scenery and flush mounted controllers at the front corners for operation by visiting children and positioned at approximately 2ft 6” from the floor for this reason.

While not based in any way on the famous island of Sodor, Thomas, Percy and Duck share hauling duties on the layout with several visiting locomotives. Much of the rolling stock, including Annie and Clarabel, will be recognisable from the Rev Audrey’s books and we do try to follow correct railway running procedures as he did.

Normally powered from a single 13A mains socket, the layout can be operated from a 12V battery for charity and village fetes etc.

The name of the layout? – Rev W Audrey lived on London Road in the village of Box, Wiltshire.

A 60 year old Airfix church, St James the Less, with graveyard by John Dawe.

Ecclesiastical joke here - the statue is holding a staff, St James is traditionally shown holding a staff, and it is an N gauge figure – the Less?

Diggers awaiting repair at the workshop by John Barret with flashing welding set in operation (Kytes Lights).

Note the washing on the line, interwoven fence panels and skip with rubbish. The other two have not yet been spotted by passing householders.

Thatched cottages completely from scratch by John Barratt with plumber’s hemp thatch, brass door knobs, walls from cornflakes packet, glazing from chocolate box, window frames hand drawn with a Tippex pen and curtains cut from glossy magazine pictures of foliage.

Elf’n’safety to the fore!

Children are challenged to find the “naughty chicken” who has flown over the fence away from the others.

Then are told that this is very dangerous and they must keep off the railway line.

Note also the cotton and barbeque stick fence and the passing of Troublesome Trucks. Conifers are bits of plastic Christmas tree sprayed with hair spray and dipped in green scatter.